About Chemichlor

Chemichlor (2005) Chemical Marketing Ltd is one of the leading companies in marketing, distribution and handling of inorganic chemicals in Israel.
The Company was founded in 1978 by Mr. Shmuel David, at first for the purpose of distributing inorganic chemicals, mainly for leading manufacturers of chemicals in Israel, and during the following years for an additional purpose of providing liquid bulk transport services, especially dangerous goods.
Since 2005 Chemichlor (2005) has been owned by the Davidi family and Gadot Chemical Tankers and Terminals Ltd. (, the company is managed by Mr. Shay Davidi.
The new ownership structure of the company has contributed to the consistent and continuous growth achieved by Chemichlor (2005).

Company's Assets
Fleet of 24 dedicated tankers for providing transportation services for all types of liquid bulk chemicals and five flatbed trucks for providing transportation services for various chemical packages.
Tank farms whereby the company stores hundreds of tons of liquid bulk.
Warehouses whereby the company stores dozens of solid and liquid chemicals categorized according to various levels of hazard and managed according to customer's forecasted consumption.
Advanced laboratory for quality assurance of the supplied product.
Maintenance department of the tanker fleets, which provides road services as well, and is available 24 hours 7 days a week for the purpose of insuring ongoing supply.
Safety road department to ensure the safety of the truck fleet and to ensure that dangerous goods transport is conducted according to international standard
Quality standards - the company has been certified for ISO 9001 & Israeli standard 5438/6, 5438/3 for supplying sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite for water treatment.
Export - the company has had years of experience in exporting dangerous goods to numerous destinations worldwide.

Chemichlor (2005) will be happy to include you among its customers.